Medicines, Long-term Care and Home Care: The Impact of Keeping Them Out of the Medicare Model

A roundtable discussion organized by HIF as part of the 2011 program of the MUHC-ISAI

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Chair: Dr. Philippe Couillard

Participants : Dr. Howard Bergman, the Dr. Joseph Kaufman Professor of Geriatric Medicine; Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine and Oncology, McGill University and Jewish General Hospital; Dr. Anita Brown-Johnson, Director, Transition Care Services; and Secondary Care Division, Department of Family Medicine; and Medical Director, Office of Post-Hospital Care and Community Support, MUHC; Mr. Michel Clair, President, Sedna Health Group; Mr. Alain Robillard, Partner, Mercer; Mr. Joe Sardi, Consultant, GE Healthcare; Mr. Barry Stein, President, Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada; Ms. Helen Stevenson, President and CEO, Reformulary Group

The discussion examined three questions:

1. How do the programmes that have evolved in different provinces for the provision of medicines and long-term care affect health system effectiveness and health equity?

2. What lessons can we draw from these programmes for services currently covered by the Canada Health Act (CHA)?

3. What would be the potential benefits and disadvantages of bringing medicines, long-term care and home care into the Medicare model under the CHA?