Nursing in an evolving health system

A roundtable discussion organized by HIF as part of the MUHC-ISAI’s 2009 program —  May 13, 2009,

Chair:  Ms. Ann Lynch, Associate Director General of Clinical Operations and Nursing Affairs, MUHC


Participants:  Dr. Jeanne Besner, Chair, Health Council of Canada; Madeleine Boulay-Bolduc, RUIS McGill Nursing Subcommittee, Associate Director of Nursing, MUHC; Dr. Francine Girard, Dean, School of Nursing, Université de Montréal; Ms. Patricia O’Connor, Associate Director of Nursing, Neuroscience Mission, MUHC; Ms. Andréanne Saucier, Associate Director of Nursing, Oncology and Respiratory Services, MUHC; Dr. Jeremy Sturgeon, Director of Medical Oncology, MUHC; Ms. Linda Ward, President, Ordre de infirmières de Montréal/Laval, Associate Director of Nursing for Medical Services, MUHC