Quality in action in a networked system



Annual conference of the MUHC-ISAI — October 26 and 27, 2017
Amphitheatre of the Research Institute of the MUHC
1001 Decarie blvd, Montreal
Conference Chair:
Patricia Lefebvre, Director, Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics, MUHC


17:25 Opening keynote
Creating adaptive health systems: The role of structures and interactions
Jean-Louis Denis, Canada Research Chair, Health System Design and Adaptation
Denis Power Point
18:05 Discussion period


8:30 Introduction from the Chair
Patricia Lefebvre, Director, Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics, MUHC

8:45 What does quality look like in a networked system: four examples
Lynne McVey, Associate President and CEO, Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (CIUSSS ODIM)
McVey Power Point

9:00 Session 1 Network quality from the patient’s perspective
Moderator: Amy Ma, Co-Chair, Patients’ Committee, MUHC

9:05 Patient-held data to facilitate the care pathway and quality control
Laurie Hendren, Professor, School of Computer Science, McGill University; Member, Rossy Cancer Network Quality Council
Hendren Power Point

9:25 Evaluating hemato-oncology services from the patient experience perspective
Lynda Bélanger, Head, Patient Experience Office, Department of Evaluation, Quality, Ethics, Planning and Institutional Affairs, CHU de Québec-Université Laval
Bélanger Power Point

9:45 Access gaps faced by marginalized populations
Florente Démosthène, Senior Advisor,Partnership and Diversity, CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal
Demosthene Power Point

10:05 Measuring patient experience across transitions in care
Lena Cuthbertson, Executive Director, Office of Patient-Centred Measurement & Improvement, British Columbia Ministry of Health
Cuthbertson Power Point
10:25 Discussion period

11:20 Session 2 Clinical networks to assure and spread quality care
Moderator: Ewa Sidorowicz, Director of professional services, MUHC

11:25 Improving the management of Alzheimer’s disease across Québec networks
Eric Maubert, Project lead, Ministerial initiative on Alzheimer’s disease, RUIS McGill; and
Christine Fournier, Project lead, Ministerial initiative on Alzheimer’s disease, RUIS Université de Montréal
Maubert-Fournier Power Point

11:50 Strategic Clinical Networks in Alberta: What’s required for success?
Kathryn Todd, Vice President for Research, Innovation and Analytics, Provincial Lead, SCNs, Alberta Health Services; and
Don Dick, Senior Medical Director, Bone and Joint SCN, Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute
Dick Power Point

12:20 Quality care pathways for remote and marginalized populations
Johanne Morel, Director, Northern and Native Child Health Program, MUHC
Morel Power Point
12:40 Discussion period

14:10 Session 3 Local networks to integrate health and social services
Moderator: Andréanne Saucier, Director of Nursing, MUHC

14:15 Facilitating links between institutional and community resources
Magalie Dumas, Coordinator Info-Aidants, L’Appui – Support for caregivers
Dumas Power Point

14:35 Designing care and service pathways
Stéphane Tremblay, Associate Director General, General and Specialized Physical Health, CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS (Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke)
Tremblay Power Point

15:00 Implementing Sustainability and Transformation Plans in England
Wendy Thomson, Managing Director, Norfolk County Council
Thomson Power Point
15:25 Discussion period

15: 55 Closing session
Key messages of the day

Denis Roy, Vice-President, Science and Clinical Governance, INESSS
16:15 Looking ahead
Martine Alfonso, Interim CEO and Executive Director, MUHC

16:30 Close

2017 Conference planning committee

Members of the MUHC-ISAI steering committee:
Richard Fahey, Director of Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs
Patricia Lefebvre, Director, Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics, MUHC
Harris Poulis, Associate Director of Legal Affairs
Susan Usher, Director, Health Innovation Forum

Advisory committee, program development:
Samuel Benaroya, Vice-Dean (Health Affairs), Faculty of Medicine, McGill University; and RUIS McGill Coordinator
Lise Denis, C.Q., MBA, Consultant
Anne Lemay, Associate executive Director for Support, Administration and Performance Programs, CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal
Seeta Ramdass, Co-Chair, Users’ Committee, MUHC
Marie-Claire Richer, Associate Executive Director, CIUSSS ODIM
Denis Roy, Vice-President, Science and Clinical Governance, INESSS
Karine Vigneault, Coordinator, Patient Partnership Program, Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics, MUHC
Rita Ziade, RUIS McGill Manager


We thank our partners for supporting the 2017 MUHC-ISAI conference!

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