The role of government in health care delivery

Annual conference of the MUHC-ISAI, held August 19 and 20, 2009


What can government do to improve healthcare delivery?  |Report |
Dr. Philippe Couillard

Recent and planned changes to provincial health structures: Preparing for the future  Video
Chair: Dr. Penny Ballem, City Manager, Vancouver, and former Deputy Minister of Health, British Columbia
The Hon. Ron Liepert, Minister of Health and Wellness, Alberta  | Report |
Mr. Don Ferguson, Deputy Minister, Department of Health, New Brunswick | Report |

Panel Discussion: The Role of Government in France and The Netherlands | Video
Dr. Kieke Okma, Associate Professor, Wagner School of Public Service, New York University | Report |
Mr. Alain Hériaud, Director General, CHU de Bordeaux, France | Report |
Ms. Wilma Zwijnenburg, President Human Resources, Omring, The Netherlands | Report |

Panel Discussion: How Can the Private Sector Complement Government in Health Care Delivery? | Report |
Chair: Mr. Bernard Lord
Participants: Dr. John Keyserlingk, Medical Director, Ville Marie Medical and Women’s Health Centre; Dr. Jean Tchervenkov, President, MD Specialists; Dr. Mohamed Nanji, CEO, Surgical Centres Inc.; Dr. Sheldon Elman, CEO, Medisys

Beyond the VHA— Opportunities to Improve Health Care Delivery across the U.S. | Video | Power point| Report |
Dr. Robert Kolodner, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, U.S. DHHS