Why does patient engagement matter?

glouberman“The structure of our system, which has become more and more specialized and more divided, can’t really cope with the kinds of morbidity that the population actually has today. It’s not fit for purpose.”
— Sholom Glouberman, Patients Canada

SIZED Baker“As much as healthcare has changed in the last 40 years, some of the residual issues about hierarchy, relationships and professional pride that go beyond the necessity of daily practice into interfering with our ability to really reshape the delivery of care will be broken down if the conversation includes those people who receive care and who are interested in the outcomes and the experience and not the titles of the people who are providing them care.” — Ross Baker, Université de Toronto

SIZED Dumez“In one year, a patient with a chronic disease and his family will spend five to 10 hours with their health professionals, and 6000 hours taking care of themselves. The focus of our system today is on the five to 10 hours and not much on the other 6000. Our patient and family advisors in the Faculty of Health Sciences put forth a vision where the patient is not just at the centre of care but is part of the care team, and is considered an actor of care.” — Vincent Dumez, Université de Montréal