Ann Lynch

Associate Director General of Clinical Operations and Nursing Affairs, McGill University Health Centre

Ann Lynch, RN, B.Sc(N), M.Sc(A), is the Associate Director General of Clinical Operations at The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and has been actively involved in developing a new strategic management approach at the MUHC with the goal of optimizing quality management, clinical services reorganization, policy development and organization efficiency. As member of several boards and committees she represents the MUHC in the capacity of expert in clinical operations. Ms Lynch is a leader and change agent in the field of clinical practice, health promotion and has supervised and implemented multiple extensive corporate projects at the MUHC including the development and interpretation of the network Bill 25, RUIS, and local networks. She has conducted several interdisciplinary research projects, published multiple articles and presented at both regional and international conferences. She received the Hector L- Bertrand Award of Excellence for Accomplishment in 2008.

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