Barry Stein

President and CEO, Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada

Mr. Barry D. Stein is an attorney at Spiegel Sohmer Inc. A significant portion of his practice is devoted to labour law and health law. As President of the CCAC, he represents the interests of cancer patients and speaks regularly to medical professionals, industry, government and patient groups. As a member of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s Colorectal Cancer Screening Net-work, Mr. Stein has been a key advocate for primary prevention, screening initiatives as well as equal and timely access to effective treatment for cancer patients across the country. He is a survivor of metastatic colorectal cancer diagnosed in 1995 and was obliged to seek health care outside of Canada to fight his disease. His judgment, obtained in the Superior Court of Québec in 1999, serves as a leading precedent in Canada for the reimbursement of out-of-country health care for patients across Canada.

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