The Canadian health system comes of age: a framework for 21st century care

Annual conference of the MUHC-ISAI, May 28-29, 2008


Do Canadians have access to better care than Americans? Report |
Patricia Lynch, VP State Relations, Kaiser Permanente | Report |
Dr. Maurice McGregor, McGill University Health Centre

The government’s role in health care
Claude Forget, O.C. | Audio | Report |

Trends in Canadian health policy discussion
Antonia Maioni, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada | VideoPower point | Report |

Panel Discussion: How can Canada best learn from European experience? Video
Moderator: Bernard Lord
Dr. Peter Scherer, Health Division, OECD  |  Power point  | Report |
Dr. Bernard Merkel, Health Strategy Unit, SANCO, EC  | Power point |Report |
Yanick Labrie, Institut Économique de Montréal   | Power point | Report |
Johan Hjertqvist, Health Consumer Powerhouse | Power point  | Report

Recent advances in Canadian health care  | Video |
Moderator: Dr. Robyn Tamblyn, McGill University
The MUHC’s CHIP Cardiac Rehabilitation Program  | ReportPower point
Marla Gold, Dr. Steven Grover and Dr. Mark Smilovitch

Ambulance New Brunswick  | ReportPower point
Rock Marois, ANB and Dr. Steve Bolton, Ministry of Health

The Alberta Hip and Knee Replacement Project  | ReportPower point |
Louisa Pothier, Capital Health

The Richmond Hip and Knee Reconstruction Project  | ReportPower point |
Cindy Roberts, Vancouver Coastal Health

Would more private funding and delivery improve care in Canada? | Report |
Dr. Nuala Kenny, Department of Bioethics, Dalhousie University
Michel Clair, Groupe Sedna

Panel discussion: A framework for tomorrow’s health care Video |
Chair: Senator Hugh Segal
Participants: Gerald Baier, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia; The Hon. Claude Castonguay, Groupe de travail sur le financement du système de santé; The Hon. Diane Marleau, Member of Parliament, Sudbury; Dr. Sam Benaroya, Health and Interhospital Affairs and RUIS, McGill University; Doris Grinspun, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario