Medicine 2020: Portable, personalized, informed

In Spring 2010, The MUHC RI’s Vassilios Papadopoulos chaired the MUHC-ISAI roundtable discussion between physicians, ethicists, researchers, industry and patients on a policy framework for personalized medicine.

The H1N1 Experience: Lessons Learned

Dr. David Butler-Jones, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, was the MUHC-ISAI’s guest speaker at the 2010 Director General’s lecture. He looked at lessons learned from the A/H1N1 pandemic.

The role of government in health care delivery

The 2009 annual conference of the MUHC-ISAI focused on the role of governments at federal at provincial levels in assuring viable healthcare systems. Examples from the US VA and Europe are included.

Nursing in an evolving health system

In Spring 2009, the MUHC’s Ann Lynch chaired an MUHC-ISAI roundtable discussion among nursing leaders (and a physician) about how nursing roles are evolving to meet new healthcare needs.